Meet Ren, Your AI Powered Leadership Coach

Imagine a leadership coach that aligns seamlessly with your company’s values and goals, available 24/7 to individually guide everyone from new hires to executives on how to uphold your company values while driving high-performance. This vision, a decade in the making by Refound, is made possible by combining the power of advanced AI with decades of human, executive coaching experience and the proven Good Authority Coaching Curriculum.

That’s Ren.

What Kind of Leadership Coach Is Ren?

Ren is a conversational AI leadership platform that is revolutionizing leadership coaching. Gone are the days of face-to-face coaching sessions that only scratch the surface of your organization’s L&D needs. With Ren, every employee has access to a 24/7 personal leadership coach. Ren understands your company’s heartbeat—its values, goals, and team dynamics. It offers private, secure coaching, enabling employees to tackle tough conversations, align with their teams, and foster personal growth based on individualized data profiles. Additionally, Ren is infinitely scalable and capable of being deployed to thousands of employees within your organization, giving real-time leadership coaching advice with the reach and depth that no other human coaching offering can match. Ren’s organizational dashboards provide you with unique insights while preserving individual employees’ privacy.

Where Did Ren’s Coaching Come From?

Ren was first built and piloted by the team and community over at Refound. Ren has now taken on a life of it’s own as users around the world use it daily to improve their leadership skills, prepare for meetings, and track their personal growth.

Ren’s Core Leadership Coaching Values

As a generative AI leadership coaching tool, Ren is only as good as the data it receives. Out of the box, Ren has been trained for you on 10 years of executive leadership coaching insights derived from the proven-effective, Good Authority Coaching Curriculum. Many of our enterprise partners also enjoy the flexibility to customize that training data and augment Ren’s model with their own company core values. Whether you opt for Ren’s core principles as designed by Good Authority or a custom implementation, the power of a leadership coach who is available 24/7 for every employee in your organization will unlock insights and culture change like you’ve never seen before.

Good Authority

You can learn to be the leader your team needs

How do you feel about being an authority? How do your employees feel about authority? Ren helps leaders find their voice by learning to let go of the unproductive beliefs and habits that we hold about authority, so that you can lead with a balance of curiosity and conviction.

Good Alignment

Alignment enhances outcomes without hurting culture

Even if you’re motivated to coach and develop your team, it’s the easiest thing to slip on the priority list. Good Alignment is Ren’s core value that focuses on keeping your coaching alive to help identify growth opportunities, use 1:1s to give feedback, and keep topics relevant over time.

Good Accountability

Feedback, at the right time will help your team grow

Giving feedback is a learned skill. It’s a balance of being candid but kind, direct but human. Ren’s approach to Good Accountability is backed a framework called The Accountability Dial™ to provide leaders an easy-to-follow guide for how to start and manage performance.

See Ren As a Leadership Coach in Action

Executive-Level Coaching advice at the speed of life

Ren leverages the power of Generative AI to get to know you quickly, learn your tendencies and growth edges, and make actionable suggestions for how to get the people part of the job right. Ren gives you better feedback right there, when you need it most – in the moment.


Let Your Team Set Meaningful Goals & Ren Will Work Daily To Advance Them

You and your team will build personal profiles of your goals, challenges, and preferences. Over time, Ren uses this background knowledge to deliver personalized, relevant advice throughout the day.

A Decade of Proven Leadership Coaching Built Right into the App

We’ve integrated our entire library of videos and Good Authority training materials into Ren so that you have valuable leadership tools and resources available the moment that you have a problem you need to solve.


Customizable Coaching Dashboards Tailored To Your Role

Ren’s organizational dashboards provide you with unique insights while preserving individual employees’ privacy. Whether you are a senior executive, people leader, or blossoming manager, Ren will provide deep insights to help you drive cultural change and foster high-performance teams.

*Some Ren features shown here are currently in development. You can request information about our beta-program for early access to new features!

Ren AI Leadership Coaching Platform Tiers & Pricing

Whether you’re embarking on a personal path to enhance your management skills, seeking executive development, or aiming to support your entire team – we have a plan for you.

Starter Plan

Free For Individuals

Perfect for individual contributors, managers and anyone looking to explore AI coaching.

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Pro Plan


Robust plan for small to mid-sized organizations looking to uplevel their managers.

Enterprise Plan

Call For Pricing

Tailored plan to fit your organization’s strategic mission, values, and leadership goals.

Ren AI Coaching Platform Benefits

All Tiers Include:

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Feature Starter Pro Enterprise
Feedback Conversations Per Day
Document Templates
1:1 Meeting Prep Tool
Full Document Library
Collaboration Tools
Organization Insights
Live Onboarding
Custom Knowledge Base
Organization Coaching Dashboard
Access to Premium Video Content
Priority Account Management
Advanced Security Options
Integration into your IT/IS stack (SSO, Teams, Slack)
Bulk Pricing Discounts

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